Friday, 29 August 2014

3 Misconceived Myths About Online Couponing

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Many of us are fearful of the unknown. We have a skeptical sense that does not allow us to give the benefit of the doubt or trust what we do not understand. This results in speculation about new avenues. Such speculation is derived from the experiences of others and has been distorted on the grapevine through which they are communicated.

Now many of us are afraid of buying commodities online. We do not trust web merchants with our credit card numbers and we certainly don't understand promotional rebate codes. This has resulted in various baseless ideas about online buyers and the use of coupons.

Myth 1"Coupons Are For The Poor"

This is among the most foolish generalizations. If one were to make such a generalized statement it would be more accurate to say that "Coupons are for the Intelligent". Who doesn't want to save on routine purchases? Majority of the online buyers are educated individuals including college and university students as well as those with higher disposable incomes. They are net savvy and want to save time as well as money.

Myth 2 "Finding Coupons Takes Too Much Time"

This might be true for an individual that is in search for internet concessions for the first time. However, one can quite conveniently find such mark downs from reliable websites as They will offer all kinds of rebates including percentage off and free delivery as well.

Myth 3 "Couponers Hoard"

To think of it as hoarding is ignorant. Web merchants often provide significant price cuts on bulk buys. So what is the harm in stocking up on products that you need , will not expire and cost less? Retailers offer extensive rebates online since they do not need to pay various overheads they would have to in retail. On top of that if they provide further discounts, then those with money as well as space should definitely buy and stockpile the given commodity on sale.

Coupons are offered to encourage the trend of buying online. E-commerce is the future. We might as well learn how to be intelligent internet consumers earlier than later.


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